Room Cleaning

Flip-flops in my hand, I impatiently wait for the elevator door to open. ‘Damned, do people have to get off on EVERY floor?’ I’m not sure I can make it much longer, squeezing my legs together only makes it worse. “F-l-o-o-r N-u-m-b-e-r F-o-u-r”. ‘F-l-o-o-r N-u-m-b-e-r F-i-v-e.’ The soft elevator voice is taunting me until finally, “Ding!”, the door opens.

I race down the long corridor, grab the door handle, and when the door does not budge, hammer my fists against it in frustration, letting out a primal scream that was heard across my floor.

One hour earlier.

I make one last check before heading down to the pool. The auto-lock on both phones was set to ‘never’. Check. I use the one phone to call the other, it rings, I pick-up, snap my fingers, and can hear a clear sound in my AirPods. Good, the phone connection works. Now the tricky part. Both phones are already synched, the setting on the app is for sound activation, the g-spot vibrator is snugly tucked inside my pussy with the cute little pink tail neatly covered by my unusually large, and non-latex, bikini.

The last step is to link the second phone with the vibrator. The Bluetooth connection works. Another snap of the fingers near the first phone’s microphone and I can feel a quick jolt in my pussy. I like forced orgasms, just what is a girl to do when there is nobody to force her? I’ve never tried this way of self-forced orgasm before; most of the time when I experiment, something goes wrong and I have to make adjustments anyway. It all sounds to easy in principle, but this experiment is a bit more complex.

For now, it’s all working. The second phone goes into my small purse, a lock through the closure, and the key and phone #1 back on the nightstand. I slip into my flip-flops, and with nothing more than the locked purse, AirPods in my ears, and a very modest bikini, I stride full of anticipation out the door and toward the elevator at the other end of the hallway. In passing, I already see the cleaning crew on the 6th floor, just a few doors from my room. Enough time to get to the pool, grab a lounge chair, and relax before my experiment starts.

Just to recap. The vibrator in my pussy is noise activated. It’s linked to the phone in my purse, which is locked, so I can’t get to the phone. The phone in the purse is connected to the phone in the bedroom. Any noise picked up my the mic from the bedroom phone goes straight to my pussy. Obviously, I’m nowhere near my bedroom, so no way to control that phone either. And since both phones are set to stay on even if there is no activity, the connection will stay on until the batteries die if needed. If someone comes into my room and makes noise, I have no control and my pussy gets some nice action without anyone knowing, and without me being able to do a thing about it. The phone connection and listening in to what’s going on inside my room is more for curiosity sake. Nice plan!

Down by the pool, there is quite a bit of activity. Families, elderly couples, college students, just the sort of crowd you’d expect to see in Florida during Spring Break. My AirPods are still quiet. The cleaning crew must not have made it to my room yet. Time to pick a good spot in the sun. My g-spot vibrator is just as silent as my room.

A few minutes pass, nothing happens. Then two subtle jolts in my pussy. Over my pods, I can barely hear the knocking on the door. Must be the cleaning crew. Finally!

“You should really put some sun-screen on,” I hear someone say from the chair next to me. I didn’t expect to be out for long. Is it that obvious? I looked around. ‘Wow, you can put sunscreen on me anytime,’ I say to myself. He is maybe twenty, clearly college student trying to make conversation with me. Bit shy, but buff as hell, and cute.

“Totally forgot. What can I say; blond…” I point at my hair, playing dumb.

Now, there is some talking in my room, and some steady vibration in my pussy. This is where my experiment begins. I know my g-spot well. It gives me by far the strongest stimulation, more so than my clit. I’ve used the g-spot vibrator many times, and after a few minutes, it’s almost impossible for me to control myself. Usually, that’s of course the idea. Just this time, I’m out in public and I have to control myself, or at least not let others see how I squirm before finally bursting out in an amazing orgasm.

The public setting, the inability to control when, how much, and how long the vibrations are going to last, and the inability to do anything to stop it, all got me so wet, I turn around on my stomach. Mr. pretty boy next to me seems to take that as an invitation to start spreading sunscreen on my back and legs. Inside my pussy, the buzzing gets suddenly stronger.

‘Shit, they turned on the vacuum cleaner!’ If the chatter before was a mild vibration, then the vacuum cleaner is more like a small earthquake. And it’s back and forth motion produces just enough variation to let my vibrator get into a nice pleasant rhythm. Just right for my first orgasm to build. Listening over the phone, it sounds noisy, but still a good distance from the other phone. If this goes on for much longer, I’m going to come right underneath pretty boy’s gorgeous, strong hands.

Then the vacuum goes silent and I can hear some more chatter. My pussy calms down. Now I’m afraid of the vacuum cleaner. If the vacuum comes any closer to the nightstand, I’m not sure I can hold back much longer.

“Can I do your legs as well?” He asks very politely, and since he already poured sunscreen on my legs, I figure he is trying to rub more than just my toes. Fine with me.

“Yes!” I blurt out in a muffled scream. The damn vacuum started up again just as I answer him. And this time it must be right next to the nightstand with the phone. The vibrator in my pussy goes nuts. More than a strong vibration, it feels like someone is playing bounce-back paddle ball in my pussy with my g-spot serving as the paddle. It gets pounded continuously. It feels so good, I start grinding my hips, take the pods out, and start getting into the strong sensations. Just another minute or two, and I get my release. I start groaning, I usually don’t do that.

“I can tell you enjoy what I’m doing”, pretty boy whispered in my ear. ‘What the fuck? Is he touching me?’ The pounding on my g-spot continues. I don’t give a damn what’s going on below my pussy with pretty boy. Just a few more seconds, I’m gripping the steel frame, my toes curl around the sides of the reclined lounge chair. It’s too late, I don’t know where his hands are, but I’m coming, and coming hard. I nearly scream, he is pushing against my pussy, not that it matters now. My pussy is twisting around on the inside. I try to stay as still as I can on the outside; it does nothing to reduce the power of the orgasm. If anything, trying to hide a massive orgasm amplifies the contractions and muscle convulsions on the inside.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…”, I cut him off with an exhausted, glowing smile, and a simple “Thank you.” He moves his chair a few feet to the side. He is probably embarrassed. For me, he was a very welcome cover. I never expected my little set-up to work so well. I was totally unprepared for a seriously out-of-control orgasm! And the vibrator is still not done.

I put the AirPods back in to hear what’s going on inside my room. The vacuum is still churning, although not nearly as loud anymore. They must be done with my bedroom. Then it goes silent. I start packing up, grab my purse, give pretty-boy another smile like I’m saying ‘thank you’ again. With my flip-flops on, I just make it into the hotel’s breakfast area when I hear the fire alarm go off. The noise is deafening, and I’m screaming as my vibrator now goes on a rampage through my pussy. I almost start crying; I can’t take this much longer. The vibrations are much too intense after having just had an orgasm. Have they no sympathy around here? “Turn that damn thing off!” I scream right into the ears of the breakfast manager next to me.

He has, of course, no idea why I’m screaming. “Ma’am, please, this is not an exercise, one of my staff will guide you outside to the collection area.” No! All I want to do is reach down my bikini and pull out my bouncing vibrator! I just have too many inhibitions to be so obvious in front of an unsuspecting bell boy. So I endure the torturous stimulation inside my pussy long enough to go outside. Hopefully, there will be a place to be more discrete and remove the vibrator. That’s the one item I can turn off.

With my legs pressed together, the bell boy ushers me out. Just past the pool, it hits me like a truck. Another orgasm is coming and I already know it’s unstoppable. I trip over my flip-flops on the gassy area, fall, and in an attempt to catch myself while being rocked by another orgasm, roll over the lawn multiple times.

For the next ten minutes, the bell boy doesn’t leave my side. He must think I’m either drunk or a danger to society. Finally word spreads that we are allowed to go back inside. “I will help you up to your room, if that’s OK. The alarm is still on inside the building, but the Fire Sheriff has given the All-Clear.” NO, just leave me alone, get me behind a bush, a bathroom, or anything so I can take the vibrator out.

The thought of throwing my purse, together with the phone, away and breaking the Bluetooth connection had occurred to me, but then I might have ended up with a very costly experiment and no guaranteed outcome. Like a puppy dog, the bell boy would probably have caught the purse in mid-air and brought it right back to me.

We get into the elevator, it’s crammed full. I push the sixth floor. I can’t see what other buttons are pushed.

The door opens and I race to my room. The second my door doesn’t open, I realize that I had never taken the room key with me. I’m in utter despair. Screaming. And still getting throbbing action with every howling of the emergency alarm in my pussy. “Here Ma’am, I can open the door for you. Let me know if I can do anything else to make your stay with us pleasurable”.

The alarm stops. I fall exhausted onto the freshly made bed, take the phone next to me, and turn off the app. Until tomorrow’s room cleaning.

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23 thoughts on “Room Cleaning

    1. My thoughts exactly Jupie! I love how incorrigible Francesca is – even resorting to tormenting herself!
      You got the sexy and the funny balanced just right and your writing is great.

  1. This was so well told, and I was taking in a variety of directions, being on the receiving end of this would be far too much for me, but my sadistic streak rose to the top and I must admit to reading with a grin! Only because you described everything so perfectly though 🙂 I also chuckled when I read this line … ‘Now I’m afraid of the vacuum cleaner.’ Not a sentence I ever thought I’d read on an erotic blog, but how wonderfully placed it was x

  2. Wow! How I would so love to experience such a lack of control all while being forced to be discreet!! Great story!

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