I don’t get to live out my love of latex as much as I used to. Daily life often gets the better of me. And the work involved in caring for latex is considerable. It’s not just an item to be picked from the closet, and put back there at the end of the day. Even in Manhattan, I’ve never seen a dry cleaner with a sign saying “latex items welcome”. Boy, wouldn’t that be nice.

Indulging in my passion is nevertheless something I enjoy, particularly with my go-to item, a metallic-blue catsuit that I purchased a few months back. I also have my go-to hotel where I like to play. The benefit of playing away from home is not having to clean up any messes that I leave behind. And I happen to be a very messy person.

This picture tells the tale of an entire weekend. My catsuit got quite a workout; I got to spend two nights in it (willingly forced😉 ). Come Monday morning, though, it’s time to clean up and get ready to head out to work. That means jumping under the shower to ease my body through the narrow neck opening and let the catsuit slide inch-by-inch down my body. Planing a good half an hour for the shower allows me to enjoy the last moments in my second skin before I have to get ready to face the day.

I toss the catsuit by the side, knowing that I will have to clean it more thoroughly anyway when I get home at the end of the day. At least much of the sweat has been rinsed off. Now it’s just a matter of preserving and drying it for the next time. Towels are flying around, to dry myself, keep the floor from getting slippery as there is always some lubricant left, and drying off the catsuit enough to put it back into my small bag that I keep as I head out to work.

Getting dressed is something I have down to a science. My favorite vinyl pants, which have come back into fashion so that I can easily wear them to work. A light blouse, some make-up, hair, and I’m ready to go. I skip everything else. (Well, not everything — I do brush my teeth, floss, as should anybody who ever wants to have a partner!)

Then it’s 8:30 and and I’m ready to head straight out to work without even stopping by at home. It’s a mini-vacation for me; two days and night to do as I please, return to my life, filled with fetish and kink. My partner isn’t really into it as much as I am. Not sure how much longer we’re together. So, I let myself get spoiled, take a friend along who doesn’t mind my fetish and is up for some weekend fun. We’re up late, maybe don’t sleep at all, nothing is planned, we just follow our “Lust” (German for things you feel like doing), and lust (English for….well, you get the point). But come Monday morning, it’s all business.

A carefree weekend, my way of surviving in what can be a jungle, but also feel like a desert. I won’t deny it – I still get homesick. A little break here and there from the relentless life in Manhattan, doesn’t make Monday mornings any easier…..unless I know there is a reward coming at the end of the week. 😘

Sinful Sunday