Taking all of Victoria #SoSS #WickedWednesday

Room 307.  I have never done anything like this and am nervous as hell.  I knock on the door.  It is slightly ajar.  She peaks through the narrow opening and then lets me in.  A nice hug, but then an awkward silence.  What am I going to say? ‘So, can I see your dick?’  That just doesn’t seem right.

“Come on in, I don’t bite, unless you want me to”, she says with a devious smile on her face. The apartment is empty but for a few items in the corner of her living room.  I see the bedroom just off the kitchen.  “Can I offer you a drink? Whiskey, Gin, Water?” 

“I’ll have some Whiskey, ice, please.” I’m stumbling some words together.  I like her, although right now, all I want to know is what she looks like underneath the casual sweatpants she is wearing.  There is something wrong about coming over to another person, only because she is different.  I have never been with a transsexual.  I have no idea what to expect.  How to behave.

“Here, sweetie, have some.  I know you’re nervous.” Is it so obvious?  Of course, it is.  I can barely keep my eyes from wandering down her body to the cock that is hidden between her legs. 

She goes ahead into the bedroom. I hesitate for a second. Long enough for her to get undressed.

‘Oh my god’.  Her body is amazing, athletic, strong, toned, abs to die for.  I almost forget to look further down between her legs.  She has one leg slight lifted and I cannot see what is hidden behind.  She is teasing me.

“Come over here but get undressed first.  Slowly.” I do as I’m told.  She has more experience in doing this than I have.  Unbuttoning my blouse, I toss it in the corner.  The skirt comes next. I don’t wear underwear. Not today.  Not even a bra. 

“Do you mind if I join you?” I still ask like a little child seeking permission to use the swing-set.

“Well, it doesn’t really go any other way, does it.” And now she puts her leg down and turns her body toward me. She wants me to see her dick, she wants me to touch it.  I go straight for my target. Her dick. 

It’s flaccid.  Just a mass of meat dangling to the side of her leg.  But not just any dick.  Even without any erection, it is long and thick. 

My hands can’t resist touching her.  “Go ahead, you can do anything you want.” She is just lying on the bed and I’m kneeling to the side of her hips.  I touch her dick with one hand, it feels soft and warm.  Bigger than my hand can take.  I massage it a little and feel it grow in my hand. 

There is no hair on her body.  She has perfect skin.  I want to lick her dick. See what it feels like, how she responds. 

I go down with my head and slowly slide my tongue along her growing erection from the base to the tip.  She is so smooth.  Circumcised, not an imperfection, just one ever-growing dick. 

Licking her tip, I try and see if I can get her to grow a stronger erection.  I flicker with my tongue over the end of her shaft; she keeps growing and getting harder.

My hand is holding her huge erection and I realize just how massive her shaft is.  Eight, maybe nine inches.  My hand is nowhere large enough to grip around her base.  She is huge!

With every touch, her perfectly shaped cock gets harder.  I want to swallow it.  I want to see what it is like to have her in my mouth. 

She let’s me do what I want.  And I want to give her the best blow job she’s ever had.  No, I want to know what it is like to have the largest dick I have ever seen slide down my throat.

Some gentle opening of my mouth and her tip slips easily inside me.  Even her tip is large, and it is only getting larger.  I swing my leg over her and get a better position to take her in my mouth.  I’m salivating.  Not a drop is wasted and my mouth slides slowly deeper down her shaft. I pull back, make sure I get a good part of her dick nice and moist.

The back of my cavity is beginning to feel her, and I can still grip her base with my full hand.  I’m nowhere near taking her all the way. That’s what I want, all of her.  I never had much luck in overcoming my gag reflex, just this time, it wasn’t a guy who wanted to deep-throat me.  This time, I wanted to eat every bit of delicious meat that was right in front of me. 

I push further, feeling the back of my throat.  Pulling back, I tug on her dick, not wanting to let go.  With the moisture in my mouth, I lick all the way down her shaft, spreading my saliva over every part of her nine inches.  Her erect penis is standing straight up, beyond strait. With me kneeling across her abs, I am looking right at her glorious, enormous rod. 

“Slide up, I want to taste you as you take me all the way.” She pulls my hips back, until my dripping cunt is right above her mouth.  I expect her to lick me, but for now, she is just watching. 

I get to work.  This is the time to do it.  Never had I wanted to go deep on a dick as much as I want it now.  Gone is the worry about her size, only pure lust remains.

Sliding my mouth over her tip stretches my jaw.  I suck on her, drawing more of her meat into my mouth.  I keep going.  Breathing through my nose, I go down further.  Her dick is still deliciously hard at its core, but soft and smooth on the outside. It slides easily. 

Halfway, I want to keep going further.  She knows it as well.  Her hands grab my ass and guide my body over her chest, lining my throat up with her rod.

She is touching the back of my mouth and the rest will have to push down my throat.  I suck and gently nibble on her dick; I want to eat her meat.  She pushes more and I don’t resist.  I sense my gag reflex wanting to stop me, but I ‘m not going to let it happen.  I push further, feel how her girth stretches my throat, my air is cut off, I can’t breathe anymore, and she pushes me further. 

My hand holds on to her base and I still have at least three fingers to go.  With the gag reflex wanting to kick in, I push, no, I devour more of her delicious meat.  Running out of air, I have little time left before pulling back and giving myself a break. 

One last push, just one more, but Victoria pulls me back.  She knows I need to come up for air.  But only enough to breath through my nose without letting go of her dick.  Her dick was mine, and I wanted it all.  There is no giving up in giving head.

After a short break, I take in enough air to be prepared for a longer push.  Not so much that the urge to exhale would overcome me, just enough to stay down on her for a while.  I have strong lungs.

This time, it is easier.  My mouth is relaxed, my tongue eagerly sucks her dick in.  Feeling her push into my throat is an experience I’ll never forget.  The muscles in my neck are pushed aside by her girth.  And this time, I keep going until my lips reach her base.  That wasn’t enough, with her cock deep inside my throat and my gag reflex about to kick in, I push further and deeper against her pelvis. 

My gag reflex is getting the better of me. Tears are running down my face and the muscles in my throat spasm, wanting to expel Victoria. Only my will power keeps me locked around her shaft. I swallow what my reflex wanted gone. My muscles relax.

I still have air left, maybe for just a few seconds.  Without pulling back, I squeeze my neck muscles around her cock, using them to massage her deep inside my throat. 

She arches her back, grabs my hips, tries to pull me back, but I don’t let go.  Not until I run out of air. 

“God, shit, I’m going to cum,” she screams. 

Just before I run out of air, she shoots her load of cum down my throat, I can feel her cock throbbing from a massive orgasm. 

With my air running out, I pull back, her cum tastes sweet. There was not much left, just some after-cum that didn’t make it down my throat.  I show it off, as if it’s my prize, before swallowing the rest.

“I didn’t want to come.” Victoria says with a smile on her face.  I know she didn’t have any intention of shooting her load into me, but I gave her no choice.  “That was amazing. I have never had anyone go down on me like this.  I didn’t do anything, and you took it all in.  When you squeezed me inside your throat, I lost all control. It was the most incredible feeling I ever had. Before you go, I want to apologize, you are no ‘Sweetie’, you are one amazing fucking slut.”

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    • 😊😊😊 One of those situations, it came out of nowhere, hit me hard, then vanished. I wrote down what I remembered and turned it into a story. Glad you liked it 💋💋💋

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