Latex for the Curious 2

By now, anyone reading my blog knows that I’m totally into latex. I realize, however, not everyone is. When I first started, I jumped right in and got a black off the rack latex catsuit. I loved it and it fit great. But it also involved a lot of work and care to get it on, keep it shiny, clean it, and all that goes with latex care.

In my first post about ‘latex for the curious’, I talked about options to wear some latex that are not so obvious and perhaps more importantly, can be worn together with other clothing outdoors. Depending on the situation, and your mood, you can reveal more or less of it. Even as someone who loves to go out in elegant latex dresses to up-scale restaurants, I don’t always walk in wearing nothing but latex. Respecting that other people may not share my fetish, is part of being able to do what I want to do, where I want to do it.
Over the years, I found that another great way to get into latex are hotel pools, particularly during off hours. In upscale hotels, where fewer tourists with children are, pools tend to be tucked away together with a nice Spa. If you’re a bit shy, these off hours, or perhaps just before closing time, are ideal to experiment.

Getting to the pool tends to be easy. Take the hotel bathrobe and wrap it around you like you would with any other bikini. The other thing about the bikini for latex beginners is that it requires absolutely not help to get in. Not gloss, not lubricant, or glide aide, none of it.

There really is no easier latex clothing items to put on than a bikini, yet, if you want, you can go from barely visible to absolutely stunning! If you want to stay covered, use towels, your bathrobe, or a tucked away corner in the pool area to stay out of the limelight. When you get more adventurous, open up your bathrobe and show some of what you’ve got.

Best of all, when you’re ready to get into the water, that’s your safe-zone. Under water, nobody can tell what you’re wearing. You alone know the feeling of wearing a daring latex bikini in public with nothing but water standing between you and the jealous looks you can get from men and women alike.

When your comfort level increases, get out of the water, walk around a bit, show off what you’ve got, before returning to your corner. There are endless possibilities from there, getting something to drink, going to the pool during busier times, or just lounging in a more visible spot. It’s all up to your comfort level.

I have to confess that I take it a bit further. One of my two latex bikinis is see-through and has decorative black latex glued in strategically placed locations so that I can use it in public. I do watch out that it’s covering what it’s supposed to, but it adds to the allure of being noticed. Anyone looking, wonders what’s below the places they can’t see; it’s a tease. One that I love.

There are of course complications that can arise. I had one rather awkward one in Zurich where we took an early morning swim in the rooftop pool. During those hours, the pool was just reserved for hotel guests and we were alone.

Not entirely against my will, after we found one of those wonderful warm underwater jets, I seemed to have lost the bottom part of my bikini. My date was holding it joyfully up in the air like a little trophy.

I, in the meantime, was way to busy using the warm water that was now rushing against my pussy to play with myself. I’m not sure he noticed, but it took not long before I had one of those amazing early morning calm underwater orgasms. It was so peaceful, I could have stayed at my little spot for much longer.

In the meantime, he, without taking me along, had left the pool and gone back inside — with my bikini bottom! At 9:00 a.m. sharp, in typical Swiss fashion, a stern looking lady showed up to inform me that the pool was now going to be opened for the general public and if I wanted to leave before others arrived, I had to do so within the next few minutes. Rather than leaving, she just stood there, by the only door back into the building, watching me (and probably her Swiss clock….).

I desperately tried to figure out how to get the rest of my bikini back before leaving the pool. There was no way. In the end, I just said fuck it, I’m the guest, I’m paying to stay here, if I want to swim naked, what are you going to do about it.

Mustering all my courage, I walked up the stairs by the end of the pool that led back inside, walked right by here, with only the bikini top, looked her in the eyes, and wished her a pleasant day. That’s it — oh, and I was still red in my face from the wonderful orgasm just a few moments early.

The lessons, if there is one, bikinis are a great way to get into wearing latex. Just don’t lose parts of it 😉.

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17 thoughts on “Latex for the Curious 2

  1. In the wake of reading Latex For The Curious Pt1, I found myself musing on a the ability to wear it out and about. I’m sure you’re right that women could get away with showing off at least a little rubber in most public situations, with little more than raised eyebrows as the result. However, I’m equally confident that in most cases, men openly wearing latex would be chased out of town at the end of pitchforks with yells of “Pervert” and “Paedo” ringing in their ears. (Unless they’re overtly gay, in which case rubber is almost expected.) 😁
    (Ok, that may not be completely accurate, but I genuinely believe it’s a lot easier for women to wear latex publicly.)

    1. I am afraid that you may be 99% correct (not sure about the pitchfork). But, may be the reason is that women are beginning to wear latex in mainstream situations, videos, galas, etc., whereas men stay largely with a tuxedo. If more prominent men would take some fashion chances, maybe the attitude would change. Some of the latex outfits for men are very elegant and as carefully designed as a regular tuxedo.

  2. Haha! I love the story of you with the pool attendant!! And what a gorgeous latex bikini! I never knew such things existed, and always just assumed it was full catsuit or nothing!

    1. Yes, so much for Swiss discretion…. I think I need to continue my ‘Latex for the curious’ series. There are so much to learn that makes latex attractive even for those who aren’t into the whole fetish scene and want to go to great extremes. Having said that, the ‘nothing’ is not a bad option either 😉.

  3. I love that story! Yes, fuck it! I got caught in the sea once with nothing on and people on the beach watching! Totally embarrassing, but what can one do? The latex sounds fabulous. Is it comfortable wesr? Do you get very hot wearing it?

    1. I love your example! If people don’t want to see what comes at them, they are free to look away. It’s not like everyone is dressed the way we’d like all the time. The latex is actually very comfortable to wear. But not when the weather gets too hot. For an evening stroll, it’s perfect. xoxo

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