Piercings – His and Hers #NSFW

I had seen him as a client about a dozen times over the years. He was older than me, but in good shape. His full, dark hair made him look 10 years younger than he really was. Everything about him seemed conservative, with a touch of spice. He picked classy, but unusual hotels wherever we went, upgraded my flights, all around the kind of date that anyone would look forward to.

On our most recent date, now no longer as an escort, but simply a travel companion, we were in Greece. I had brought all the toys he had requested, and was prepared for several days of being mostly sealed in rubber. The temperatures were pleasant and the hotel suite fabulous. In my suitcase, was my standard equipment; two latex catsuits, rubber corset, and a bondage helmet, together with many smaller items.

After we checked in, I wanted to give him a blowjob. I have a thing for getting a cock deep into my mouth. Whenever I give a blowjob, it is as much for my own satisfaction as for his. Before we even unpacked, I pulled down the zipper on his pants, opened the belt buckle, and pushed him with his back onto the bed.

He was wearing boxers. I like boxers, they make access so easy, besides, I think they look better, unless your man has an amazing physique. I was not exactly gentle when I ripped his pants down. After the long flight, I was eager to get something in my mouth. A good piece of meat was just what I was looking for.

Oh, there is one more reason why I love to give blowjobs. The first piercing I ever got was a tongue piercing. It had healed without any complications and surprisingly quickly (probably because I followed all the care instructions). Men, no matter what background and what sexual preferences they have, just go crazy feeling how the hard steel ball from my piercing glides up and down their shaft. Just sliding my tongue along any part of his penis triggers an immediate reaction. I had men cum just from the slightest stimulation.

Next I pulled his boxers down while he was relaxing, waiting to see what I would do. At first, I didn’t notice anything unusual. He was uncircumcised, and after so many dates, my tongue piercing alone did not get him the erection that I had hoped for. I had to work a little harder. I didn’t mind.

Then I felt something I had never experienced before. My tongue piercing got caught on his erect cock, just as I was pulling out. It wasn’t hard to free my piercing, but now I was curious. After pulling out, I realized that he had gotten a Prince Albert piercing! I had never been with a man who had a piercing before. †

At first I was confused, but he calmed me down, explained how the piercing was done, where in the healing process he was (safe to have sex), and what I should and should not do. Of course, I had heard of PA piercings and seen pictures, but in real life, it was a totally different experience. Now I wanted to play with his piercing. He became my toy, and we both loved it.

Looking at the piercing, there is something undeniably sexy about it. I just wanted to play with it. Gone was the desire for a good blowjob. Now I wanted to explore what I can do with his piercing. What felt good, what would hurt (surprisingly little), and how I could use my tongue piercing to play with his PA piercing.

I was thrilled. Not in a million years had I thought of him as the kind of man who would get a piercing. But when he showed me the video he had at the piercing studio, it was quick and easy, and seemingly with little pain. Nothing compared with my nipple piercings.

We spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening in bed, playing with my new toy. When I found the sweet spot, he unloaded every drop of cum he had over my face. I had learned something new and was more than pleased with his reaction. By now it was late in the evening. I was proud of the cum on my face and wanted to celebrate my new found toy. We got dressed and went out for an evening walk along the promenade. It was still busy, but in the darkness, nobody noticed the cum on my face. What a shame.

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