Month: July 2019


Latex for the Curious 2

By now, anyone reading my blog knows that I’m totally into latex. I realize, however, not everyone is. When I first started, I jumped right in and got a black off the rack latex catsuit. I loved it and it fit great. But it also involved a lot of work and care to get it […]

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Public Humiliation – my mega-Kink #KOTW

I had made a bet earlier in the evening and, of course, I lost it. Not that I had bad luck or anything. Quite to the contrary. Everything went according to plan. We had this fabulous room with a huge balcony three floors up from the busy street life. During the first evening, I had […]

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Fetish Francesca

Room with a View – #SinfulSunday #NSFW

I like to play with balls. You know, the ‘not-tennis’ kind of balls. I love it when they dangle right in front of me and I can explore their texture, how heavy they are. Maybe even take one or two into my mouth and let my tongue piercing do the talking. Not often do I […]

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Kinks don’t care about ED — Coping with Prostate Cancer by talking about Kinks

I had wanted to write about this topic for a while because it had left a big, positive impression on me. For those who are looking for pictures in this post, you’ll be disappointed (I do have an Instagram feed…). If you care to hear my perspective of having met regularly with someone before and […]

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Pleasure inside Heavy Rubber #NSFW #WickedWednesday

Greece. The middle of summer. It’s hot just standing on the balcony. The slight breeze does little to cool me down. It can’t. Nothing can at this point. He’s been adding layer upon layer of rubber gear on me. I’m his model. To me, he’s my Master. First, just my new catsuit; it’s thicker than […]

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The ultimate Bondage Dress – #SinfulSunday #NSFW

We’ve all seen them — corset dresses. You can hardly go to a wedding dress shop and not run across them. Most are made of your standard material, typically white, and what makes them a ‘corset dress’ is simply a few laces in the back that tuck in the waist by an inch or so. […]

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Fetish Latex

My Bondage Fantasy – #NSFW

We arrive late, check into our hotel, and immediately go up to our room. I am so horny from the conversation we had on the plane ride that I can barely control myself. He had so many ideas, to much for just one night. Now I regret that I didn’t bring more bondage gear to […]

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Piercings – His and Hers #NSFW

I had seen him as a client about a dozen times over the years. He was older than me, but in good shape. His full, dark hair made him look 10 years younger than he really was. Everything about him seemed conservative, with a touch of spice. He picked classy, but unusual hotels wherever we […]

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Who is Clarice?

By now, I suspect, most readers know that Clarice is the main character in my first full-length erotic novel. She is obviously a fictional character. Although loosely based on my own life experience. She comes with a few extras that I wished I had, but fall for now in the realm of fiction, or even […]

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