Wearing transparent latex in public is always a thrill. Going for a Sunday walk, wearing a transparent latex blouse is an amazing experience. The funny thing about transparent latex is that it’s not obvious. Pairing it with regular pants, only the trained eye can tell it’s made of latex. And whether you can truly see it as being transparent depends more on the light than anything else.

Transparent latex blouse by Simon O.
Sinful Sunday

This picture was from a nice stroll through the Jardin des Tuileries in Paris on a rainy afternoon. It had been dark and overcast. Few people were out and about. When the sun came through in the late afternoon, I decided to take off my coat and spend the rest of the walk wearing just my blouse.

I honestly had not realized how transparent it looked with the sun coming out, until I saw the pictures. The nice thing about Paris, though, is that nobody, except for the occasional tourist, makes any comments about someone else’s clothing choices. If it’s unusual, it must be fashion!

For anyone who wants to get an easy taste of what it’s like to wear latex, starting with a blouse is a very comfortable entry. This blouse was among my first items. It’s easy to cover up with a jacket, unbutton the jacket, take it off, go out in the evening, maybe to a restaurant. The options are endless and you can easily adjust everything to your own comfort level.

The video below shows me taking off my coat. It was still somewhat dark after the rain and not nearly as sunny as for the picture above. The difference in the transparency of the latex is pretty evident.

Latex Blouse reveal

Latex is a beautiful fashion fabric that lends itself to endless possibilities. If you’re curious, start with something simple, get good quality, if possible made-to-measure. As with everything else, if you try something new and it’s poor quality, chances are you won’t enjoy it. This is true for latex clothing as much as it is for anything else. It may cost a bit more, but I promise, putting on latex for the first time is an experience you won’t forget.

Going out in latex is an experience that I personally still remember every time I do it.