Latex Bikini in Moscow

In one of the chapters of my ‘Clarice’ book, she has the chance to get some much deserved rest and relaxation by the hotel pool before her client moves on to the next stage of public humiliation.

The motivation for the ‘Moscow’ chapter of the book was a visit there two and a half years ago. Then it was winter, now it’s late June. Back then, I hadn’t thought of taking pictures yet. The idea of writing a book was not even on my radar. In hindsight, it seems like a different world.

I was still living in Europe, still working as an escort, and getting a kick out of traveling and showing off my latex fetish. That I was getting paid to do so was a nice perk. Now I’m in New York, going to school part-time at an ‘advanced’ age, and finding myself on a 3-country study tour I was fortunate enough to get into (and had to pay for).

This post is about making up for a lost opportunity. It’s about how I managed to take this picture last night, in a place I wasn’t supposed to be.

It’s beautiful weather here in Moscow as I write this blog. People are out, it’s warm, evenings are long. ‘Sneaking’ in and out of hotels is not an easy task. Not just because there are a lot of people around, but also security at the major hotels is pretty tight.

As I was setting out on my little adventure last night, finding an excuse to spend the evening away from the rest of my group was the easy part. I even had brought a latex bikini (actually, two 😉) And the pool where I had stayed during my earlier visit to Moscow was open 24 hours a day — for hotel guests!

I figured I’d be resourceful enough to find a solution to that little problem once I got there. Off I went, with my little backpack, the bikini, and my camera. Finding the hotel was easy. A 10-minute walk got me to the Hotel Lotte. A Korean chain with a fetish for toilets as I remember it. It’s a beautiful hotel with excellent service. You get greeted at the entrance, both by security and the hotel staff, and at every turn someone asks if they can help. Not in that sarcastic tone, but in a genuinely helpful voice.

I was greeted like an old friend when I said that I had stayed here before and had wanted to come back to take a look around. I did mention that I am writing blogs about hotels and really wanted to take some pictures for my blog. I had to pull out my camera at the security check anyway, and the hostess face lit up when she saw me with a camera around my neck, ready to take pictures. There is something about Asians and cameras. Maybe another fetish to explore some day…

She had to stay at her station by the entrance, but was quick to ask another female staffer to help me take pictures. I told the girl about my travel blog, this time with a little more emphasis on how many readers I have from around the world (OK, I don’t right now, but who knows, could be true in the future, right?). She was so into it that I could probably have taken pictures of the presidential suite. All I really wanted, though, was to get into the spa and the pool.

She had no problems walking down to the basement with me and letting me into the spa area, even though I wasn’t a guest. The area was completely empty. I was around 11:00 p.m. Perfect, I figured. Now I just needed to talk her into letting me change and help with the pictures. No harm in asking, right?

I kept talking about how my readers have become used to seeing me personally in my blog. Not just the anonymous generic hotel picture. I must have barraged her for an eternity to try and get her to let me not just take pictures, but also get into the pool. She was visibly reluctant letting me change and use the pool, but I kept going on and on about how much I wanted to showcase ‘her’ hotel in the best possible way. You have to admit, it’s an amazing indoor pool 😊. It’s not a stock picture, but the one she had no problem letting me take.

She finally agreed that I could change and quickly use the pool. She even, with some hesitation, agreed to take at a few picture. I quickly disappeared into the changing room, which is the size of most hotel spas by itself. When I came out toward the pool area just wearing my bikini, a collar, and my camera, she almost fainted. Her face was pretty pale to begin with, but I swear seeing me drained the remaining blood from her head. I’m sure she was scared of getting into trouble for letting me in even though the spa was exclusively for hotel guests.

She may not have noticed that my bikini was made of white latex, but I looked pretty scandalous; and hot! (If I may say so myself.) That was the idea and it seemed to work.

After just one lap in the pool, I got ready for my money shot. I picked out a nice chair by the end of the pool, grabbed an apple from the neatly stacked-up supply, and positioned myself where the light was reasonably good. She was trying to move me along and was visibly anxious. Or maybe she was just wondering what kind of person I was, wearing a collar with an attached o-ring in public. I was secretly hoping that she was more nervous about what I might want to do with her next, and not about her letting me into the pool. She was a cute, young Russian girl.

If she hadn’t been so eager to get me out as quickly as possible without getting caught, she probably would have been less willing to help me set everything up the way I wanted without arguing. I kept coming back to how important it was to have the pictures come out right. She bought it. She was even pretty good at taking pictures, and even better at moving things along. Just a few pictures and she was done — fortunately, there was a pretty good one among them, I think.

I quickly checked the picture to make sure it was usable (quality, quality, quality), and it looked pretty good on my camera. Now it was just a question whether it would look good when I’m posting it. You can decide for yourself. Hope you like it.

Now that I look at the pictures again, I’m realizing that they are all focused on my collar. Hmm, maybe I should have asked her to show me a room. Who knows what might have happened 😉.

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