The Making of a Leg Harness

I had always wanted to design my own harness. There are of course a ton of options available and many of them are quite interesting. Most focus on the upper body, which is attractive and easier to design. I wanted to incorporate a leg harness into my heavy rubber corset. Easier said than done, but I hope you agree that the result was worth it.

It all started at the German Fetish Fair 2018, when I looked around for interesting harness designs. There was an abundance, but nothing that hit my sweet spot – latex with bondage options, and a really cool look.

So, I began sketching out a few designs, taking measurements, figuring out what strap needed to be adjustable, and what could be fixed. I had parts of a leg harness, the belts around my legs, but nothing to connect them to. The problem with that is that latex, particularly when it’s glossed-up, is slippery. The other is that the belts can’t be cinched so tight that it cuts of the blood circulation. Only solution, adjustable straps along the leg that would hold everything in place and still allow for movement. That’s easier said than down.

Trying out some options with pieces that I had at home only got me so far. After months of toying with the ideas, I got in touch with HW-design . Their suggestions was to come visit them at their store in Vienna. Because there are so many elements involved, doing on based on a sketch and ‘guessing’ how it fits together, was impossible. That led me to a nice trip to the suburbs of Vienna where HW-Design does all its magic.

By the way, with an appointment, this place is heaven for any latex fetishist. Not only do you experience the Austrian hospitality and charm, you also get to see all the pieces that are either no longer on their site, or are experimental designs that may eventually come into the market. With any luck, you’ll see models coming through, photographers, and just about anyone else who is involved in the fetish scene. And everything in a relaxing and calm atmosphere with plenty of coffee and laughter.

When I got there, I had my belts, my ideas, and we all sat around a table to figure out what I wanted and how to do it. Then I turned into a human design studio. I was cinched into my heavy rubber corset and simply watched what was happening around me. The creative juices were definitely flowing and everyone added new ideas to the design. There were plenty of small pieces to figure out what was needed, how long to cut each piece, where to position the holes, whether to make it a buckle of a snap closure, and then always a check for the design — did it look good?

The last piece that we added was to extend the leg harness to include a strap that would go underneath the heel of my shoes. A devious idea, which was not mine, so that any high heels could be strapped to my harness, locked, and impossible to take off without the key 🙂

Then came the long wait, and when the package finally arrive in the mail, it took me quite some time to fit all the pieces together. The picture below was about two hours worth of work!

When I had the chance to take pictures, I did not dare disassemble the harness. The way it was, you can see how the snap closures hook into the side D-rings of the corset. Nothing was going to move once all the pieces were snug and tight. In the picture, you can also see how the buckle goes underneath the shoes to prevent any high heels from coming off. Just think of all the deliciously devious things that can be done with that option…..long parties…extreme heels….a shoe fetishists dream.

The entire process took almost a year, but I’m super happy with the outcome. Now I’m thinking of an arm harness to go along with the corset, as well as an option to use it as a full body harness. But at the current pace, those updates will have to come in 1-2 years…

For now the rest lives in my fiction world as Clarice.

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