For those who have taken a look at my profile, or who have read some of my books, you will have noticed that I love to travel. I did so when I was still working as an escort, and also privately. The private travel part is really no different from any other travel, so I won’t spend much time on it.

Traveling as an escort is pretty common, although I was fortunate to go to many wonderful places Around the world. One of the most exciting one was a 3-day trip to Moscow. Doing any trip abroad requires a bit more preparation and planning than usual. Certainly when it involves getting your visa, making flight arrangements, checking out the hotel we’re staying in, and most of all, packing for 3 days!

The suitcase I use to travel is always a bit of a limitation. Actually, I should say that the weight-limit that airlines have is the limitation. There are a lot of things that go into my suitcase, and for three days, I want to be sure that I have enough variety. The other thing that is almost a given is that my suitcase will be opened up for inspection. Fortunately, knock on wood, I have not yet found anything missing when it arrived at its destination.

I always make my own travel arrangements. Simple reason – I have to provide my actual name and eventually show my passport. So my escort name won’t do. It gets even trickier checking into hotels. There are some, like in Moscow, where they only need the passport of the person who is on the reservation. We get two keys, and I wait in the lobby until we have our room ready. Guess who else is waiting in the lobby….A single woman waiting for a companion is not that unusual.

During longer trips, the most memorable parts tend to be seeing some of the places we go to. Hard to believe, that most of the time is spent truly just as companions, having nothing to do with sex in the bedroom. In the case of the Moscow trip, the dinners were the absolute highlight of the trip. Here is a picture of one of them.

And now imagine going there in the latex dress I had from Frankfurt, including short latex gloves! It may be hard to believe, but Moscow is such an extravagant city, that going out to dine in an exclusive restaurant wearing elegant latex was no issue whatsoever. Does that mean I wasn’t nervous as hell? I totally was! I nearly had a panic attack taking off my coat.

The evening ended with a very sweet moment, though. The person who looked after the coats must have spent half an hour at the end explaining the history of the building, while holding on to my coat, even though I did not understand a word of what he was saying. I’m sure he enjoyed looking at me.

My point is, sometimes, taking some chances (like writing a blog) results in unexpected and pleasant experiences. If you ever to go Moscow, please go to the C.D.L. Restaurant. I promise you won’t regret it. The outing features also (with a little embellishment) in my second audiobook.

Writing a blog about doing audiobooks will be a topic for another day.