The making of a Cover Picture

I write. Actually, before I started this blog, I wrote an entire full-length novel. When I embarked on the task of writing not just a few hundred words for a blog entry, but over 100,000 words for a full novel, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. The one thing I was sure of was to use my own pictures for the covers, and base almost the entire book on my own experience; somewhat fictionalized, obviously.

This is the picture I used for the cover of the entire Clarice Saga. It’s meant to show her evolution into a somewhat futuristic, fierce fighter. But that’s not really the point. Quite the contrast to the demure submissive she was at the beginning. The similarities with myself are of course not accidental.

I was with a friend, who is a pretty decent photographer, in London for a fetish event. I knew that I wanted to take a picture like this in public. Hyde Park seemed like the perfect spot, we had even scouted out a secluded corner the day before. London may be a very tolerant city, but I didn’t really feel comfortable wearing the entire outfit from the hotel to our shooting site. Besides, we didn’t want families and kids to be exposed to what we’re doing.

Even with the spot picked, we needed a lot of luck. For me, luck was in the form of light. With rain on and off the entire day, we had to hope for some short breaks to get decent pictures. Finally, it was around 6:00 p.m. and after a rainy day, there were some rays of sun peaking through.

The only way to get their with a heavy bag that had the corset and the leg harness, as well as shoes, polish, etc. in it was to take a cab. The catsuit, I had to put on before we left the hotel.

With an oversized sweater, and some comfortables shoes, the catsuit turns into just some latex legging and doesn’t really cause anyone to turn around these days. That’s kind of nice.

Once we got to Hyde Park, we had our spot picked out, but it was a good walk into the park from Lancaster Gate. There were a couple of spots along the way where we thought we could take some quick pictures, but everytime we got there, it turned out there were already people sitting, or just too many walking by. Hyde Park is kind of a busy place.

We eventually found our secluded area with a nice tree as a backdrop. The other reason we had picked this spot was to quickly hide behind a big tree in case we needed some cover. Going out in latex, anything can happen. A sharp branch can catch the latex, and in a flash the think rubber skin is showing a gaping opening. Not something I was looking forward to in public. Fortunately, it was a pretty quiet early evening. We didn’t have to rush, and nothing got damaged.

Now, the real problem was actually keeping the latex shiny! The amount of dust collected from just the taxi ride and the walk up a small incline to the area where we wanted to shoot pictures, was unbelievable. It took us a good 5 minutes just to make everything look right again. Then putting on the corset, the harness, the shoes, seemed like a race against the clock with the constant eye on the footpath that was just about 300 feet away.

In the end, we got really lucky, the sun came out, nobody disturbed us, and out of some 300 pictures, there were a few that were usable (that’s life, something is always wrong with most pictures….). We ended up spending a good hour in Hyde Park before packing up and making it back to the hotel.

In the end, there were some great pictures, but few that actually would make for a good cover. I’m still trying to figure out a better design, so for the time being, I used the picture with a pre-fab template from Amazon. If there is time, The picture may be updated. But in the meantime, I do of course have this blog, which has a lot of pictures to keep the imagination going.

But it was fun to go out in my catsuit, the full gear, and do an outdoor shoot in plain sight. I was a bit of a nervous mess, but it was exciting. Still, couldn’t wait to get back to the hotel knowing that the goal for the day was accomplished. I finally had my cover. Hope you like it.

The book came out on Amazon just as I started this blog. Hope you enjoy the ‘package’😘


  1. A month late, but thanks for your comment! It was really exciting to see that the design has now been fully included in HW’s production line and the cover picture is featured as one of only a handful of ‘amateur’ pictures on their Instagram feed.

    How are your outdoor attempts going?😎


  2. I’ve updated this post, it had become outdated with the book now out for a while and the blog much further along than it was at the time.


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