The Story behind the Story

I started writing my first story in late 2018. It was about a character who was more or less based on myself. I know, it’s a bit vain, but it’s the character I know best. I actually first thought that I would make it a more non-fiction story because there is so much poor information about my former profession.

When I look at how escort services are advertised, everything is just a dream, but the reality can be quite different. So I wanted to pick a date that I was on and give a bit of the background to how these get arranged, and what actually happens. But then, I got a bit gun-shy and didn’t want to reveal quite as much in a book that was personal. So, I ended up fictionalizing some of the aspects.

The first book I wrote is set in Frankfurt at the Roomers Hotel. Now, you need to understand a bit about the hotel. It’s relatively new and designed by a group that wants to create more of a hotel experience than cater to you average business travel. There are a few aspects to the hotel that you could not imagine finding in the US.

For example, Playboy Magazines are included among other reading material in every room. Nude pictures, tastefully done, are displayed in public areas. You get the idea. It’s more for the adult traveler than for families. The rooms are dark, condoms and other adult toys are available in the rooms. You get the idea. For escorts, it’s one of the favorite places because nobody blinks an eye when two people walk in where one in who obviously don’t look like a couple.

I had only joined the escort agency a few months earlier and was still relatively new. I knew a couple of girls from where I lived who had been, or still were, escorts. They talked me into doing it at least part time.

I wasn’t actually supposed to see the client the first book is about, except that the escort he had wanted to see, and had seen once before, lived in Frankfurt and to protect her privacy, did not do any dates in Frankfurt. So, what happened is that she found an excuse, but pass him on to me. She told me about their first date, which was in an upscale hotel in another German city, and he seemed like a nice person.

By the time we met, I had just gotten into latex. My first off-the-rack catsuit was your standard black catsuit from a store in Berlin. I had a few other items, but not all that much.

It was an overnight date, what that means, is it starts in the evening, dinner, then we do what adults do, and ends after breakfast, or whenever the client needs to keep going. That worked fine for me since there is actually quite a bit of work involved in getting ready for a date. There is the logistics – I don’t live in Frankfurt — travel, making sure my clothes are all clean, toys are all working, anything that is electric, like vibrators are charged, latex items are all shiny and stored in bags to protect them, and then there is make-up and picking out the right clothes for the first impression.

Oh, and then there was the dress, in the book. Here I was cheating a bit. He only got me the dress for our second date, but I just rolled it into the first one because I thought it was such a nice experience — for me and for him. Funny enough, when I had an editor look through the book, he commented on the fact that going out for dinner in a semi-transparent latex dress was stretching the credibility a bit. That part, however, was entirely true (although only at the second date in the same hotel). Here is the dress, if you haven’t seen it already.

You can imagine it being like going on a first date as an adult after not having dated for a while. You want to make a good impression, but picking something that is attractive, sexy, but not over the top, is not so easy. Enough for today. Here is the link to my first book on Amazon. The Submission of a Fetish Escort: Humiliation

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