When it comes to Social Media, I’m a dinosaur. I think of Social Media as something that is akin to standing naked in the middle of Times Square. Actually, worse, nobody would take notice in Manhattan. I think.

Starting to write books is scary enough. What if nobody reads them? But then, the act to writing is actually fun and really enjoyable. I’d even say therapeutic. Editing, and rewriting is probably great if you’re a perfectionist, but for most (like me) who enjoy the creative part, it’s the necessary evil that comes with the territory.

So, now I have a blog.

That’s even worse! Why did I do a blog if I didn’t want anyone to see it, and if I didn’t want to connect more with other people? I do, and I don’t. Unlike books, if people don’t like them, most of them will just stay quiet. What about blogs? What if people leave nasty comments? Do I really want to expose myself to that? Well, I guess I’ll just have to take my chances.

So with a little click, I’m connected to my Twitter Feed. I have no idea what happens from here, but that’s probably like jumping into cold water. It’s really cold for the first few seconds, and then it feels kind of nice.