Now that I had been Alyssia for a few weeks, it was time for me to update my website. I hadn’t had too many dates and no repeat clients, which I blamed on my own lack of effort to promote myself. Other girls advertised way beyond what they’d ever be willing to do and got a lot of clients. I stayed true to what I could offer, no more, and no less. That was about to change.

I needed a make-over, I needed to be the girl that is on every man’s, and perhaps woman’s, bucket list. No relationship can fulfill all desires, that was going to be my niche. And if there was any doubt that I belonged on ‘his’ bucket list, after seeing my website and reading about me, I sure as hell was going to. He just didn’t know it yet.

This was the text from my first serious effort to get clients:

Meet Alyssia

Imagine, we meet secretly in your luxurious suite, just a few hours, or maybe a night. An affair nobody needs to know about, the kind of affair that is forbidden, where you can be yourself, and share your deepest desires with me. Don’t be shy, your time with me will be just ours. Nobody besides us, and I as your willing submissive.

I kneel before you and let my spotless skin touch you, gently resting my head against your leg. Your wishes don’t have to be spoken, I can read them from your eyes. An elegant evening, with dirty games that we play out in public. Or your ultimate submissive, obeying your commands before you even say them. You want to control me, your slavegirl. My collar says you are in charge.

The smell of latex escapes my suitcase, which holds every fetish item you desire. I invited you to turn me into your dream companion. This is your time to be spoiled by me. My passion rises with every demand you make, every kink you want to explore, every fetish you want satisfied. And as my passion rises, so does my desire to please you. You become the center of my world. Seal me in latex, bind me with ropes, punish me for my naught looks.

And when we spend the night, let me feel your body; all of it. Let me wrap my legs around you, hold you close to my chest while you enjoy the time we have together. My deep submission to the right man, or perhaps the right woman, knows no limits. Being dominated by a couple is as thrilling to me as sharing the time with another submissive. Together, we will go beyond your fantasies and explore new sensations full of lust and desires.

Looking back, and I hadn’t done so in a while, it all sounds too cheesy, like bad lines from a B-movie. But guess what, it worked! Most men who book an escort in my category, don’t really know what they want to do. It’s more like an adult theme-park – an adventure around every turn, and the more surprises the better. I figured out quickly that being a ‘submissive’ in this industry meant being the top and acting submissive. Calling the shots, while playing innocent.

The new Alyssia was there for the taking. Not waiting to be told to undress, but ready to start the ride. ….to be continued.